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At Engelbrecht Attorneys, our team of dedicated professionals have the experience and expertise to streamline the RAF claims process, mitigate any payment problems and handle all queries that may arise.

What is the Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

The RAF (Road Accident Fund), is an organisation that provides compulsory cover to all South African road users, citizens and foreigners alike. This organisation is responsible for providing appropriate cover to victims of road accidents and their families. The RAF provides two types of cover: compensation for victims of vehicle accidents who have suffered personal injury or their family members who have been injured, as well as indemnity cover to wrongdoers.

Claiming for RAF

The claim procedure for RAF cover requires the collection of comprehensive information which supports the claim being submitted. This includes a variety of documentation such as:

  • an affidavit
  • hospital records
  • witness statements
  • accident reports
  • various medical reports depending on the type of injury

Claimants may choose to take sole responsibility for their claim, or they can employ an attorney to handle it for them.

By getting a professional attorney to help you with your RAF claims or queries, you can ensure that the process is handled correctly from the very beginning.

RAF Claim Services by Engelbrecht Attorneys

In order to ensure a successful claim and stress-free process, our attorneys can assist you with:

  • Lodging a claim
  • Getting all the correct documentation together
  • Investigating incomplete claims
  • Attending to RAF payment problems

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