Should You Claim from the Road Accident Fund Without a Lawyer?

Although it is possible to claim from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) without a lawyer, most professional attorneys, as well as people who have claimed from the RAF before, would not advise it. When claiming from the RAF, claimants may choose to take sole responsibility of the claim, or they can get a lawyer to help them. A professional attorney will make the entire process easier and they will protect your interests with the legal and professional expertise required for the best possible outcome. They are also equipped to advise you on what you can claim from the RAF. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons why you should use professional attorneys when claiming from the RAF instead of trying to do so yourself.

A Professional Will Streamline the Process for You

By using a professional who is experienced with RAF claims, the entire process will be streamlined. In order to successfully claim from the RAF, you will be required to collect comprehensive information which supports the claim you are submitting. This includes documentation such as an affidavit, hospital records and witness statements. A professional attorney will assist you in collecting all the documentation on the victim’s behalf and they will advise you as to what documentation should be submitted for the best possible outcome.

A Professional Will Help in Avoiding Delays

With a professional attorney by your side, any delays that often occurs with RAF claims will be minimised. Lawyers are equipped to mitigate any delays in the process as they know the particulars of the procedure and what exactly needs to be done as well as when. Delays often occur when claimants submit the wrong documentation, not enough documentation or they do not follow the procedure precisely. Professional lawyers will ensure that you handle the claim right from the beginning.

A Professional Will Deal with the Queries that May Arise

Another great factor when employing a professional attorney is the fact that they will deal with all queries or issues on your behalf. When claiming from the RAF, claimants are often in a state of stress and anxiety. As a result, they struggle to deal with all the queries arising from the RAF as well as the general administration. A lawyer will give you the opportunity to seek the help you need and to focus on other particulars while they handle the RAF on your behalf.

Looking for Professional RAF Attorneys?

If you are looking for an experienced RAF lawyer to ensure that you get what is owed to you from the RAF, contact us at Engelbrecht Attorneys. Our RAF attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome, without any of the hassle.