What You Can Claim from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

By using an expert Road Accident Fund (RAF) lawyer, you can successfully claim from the fund responsible for providing appropriate cover to all road users within South Africa. The purpose of the RAF is to financially compensate individuals who become victims of road accidents in South Africa, who thereafter require medical treatment as a result of the injuries they have sustained. In addition to this, the RAF also provides cover for the dependents of those who have been severely injured or lost their lives on South Africa’s roads. A professional RAF lawyer can assist you with RAF claim services and advise you on what you can claim, and what you should be claiming.

What You Can Claim from the RAF as a Road Accident Victim

As the individual who has been injured in a road accident (provided that the accident wasn’t solely your fault) your RAF lawyer can assist you in claiming for the following:

Medical Expenses – this can consist of past and future medical expenses arising from an injury which has been proven to have been the result of a road accident.

Loss of Income – should you experience a loss of income due to your injury, you can claim compensation up to a certain limit.

General Damages – you can also claim for general damages for pain and suffering as a result of serious injuries sustained.

What You Can Claim from the RAF as a Family Member

As a family member or dependent of an individual who was involved in an accident which resulted in death, you can claim for:

  • Loss of Support (if the individual was the family breadwinner)
  • Funeral Expenses

The RAF cover applies to all road users:

  • Motor vehicle drivers and passengers
  • Motorcycle drivers and passengers
  • Cyclists
  • Pedestrians

Looking for RAF Lawyers in Pretoria?

In order to have a good chance at a successful claim against RAF, you should use the expert services of professional attorneys who can help you lodge a claim and attend to payment problems. If you’re looking for this level of qualified RAF lawyers in Pretoria, look no further and contact us at Engelbrecht Attorneys, you will soon understand just why you should use professional attorneys when claiming from the RAF.